Things White People Say

I decided that I would randomly throw in some entries about the bullshit that I have been hearing from white people on a daily basis per the request of one of my friends. Working in a customer service setting allows me to indulge on amount of racist things said in public.

One of my favourites is when this white woman was venting to me about all the shit that she had to go through so that she could backpack in India. Yeah that’s right, she was going on some type of white privilege vacation extravaganza in India and was mad because the bitch needed to get a visa to visit. She tells me, ” you think because the country was so poor that they would be dying to have us there” No bitch, the last time that India had white people “visiting” the British colonised it.

Also, an older man felt compelled to tell me that he had met another African American woman with the same name as me. What are the chances of that happening?

There was another time where this white man kept talking to my coworker in Spanish because he didn’t think he was fluent in English. When me coworker responded to him in English, the guy then asked him where he could get a good burrito. I had to walk away at that point.

Another favourite is at any time in which I get complimented on hell why I speak and how I use proper English. White people are always telling me that I’m so articulate. I buy into it for a second and tell them that it’s because neither of my parents are from California.

That’s another things that grinds my gears. People have this notion that the Bay Area is this uber liberal place and that every one here is some type of politically conscious, when in fact a significant amount of people let their racism flow free through their veins. We still have members of the KKK living among us. They just happen to be in Kensington and Alameda. I still get followed around in stores and white people still ask me where the garden furniture is when I go to Target or ikea even when I clearly don’t have on their staff dress.

I’ve heard a lot of fucked up things throughout the years and as I reflect on them, it makes me realise that I have certainly mellowed down a bit. Especially since the back back days when a bitch told me that I couldn’t be proud to be black because it wasn’t something that I worked for. I should have gone to jail back then.

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